Understanding what drives patient behaviour


Our client wanted to understand the motivational factors that drive patients to take action on improving their health and wellbeing. They wanted to know how, when and in what way they could connect with patients to help them get, and stay, motivated in their health improvement journey.


So What? thought the best way to get to the heart of patients’ motivations would require helping patients be as comfortable as possible to talk about this emotive subject, so this qualitative project was undertaken by visiting patients in their homes or using Skype.


So What? undertook 20 patient interviews and, based on analysis of the results, built a motivation model to show and prioritise the different motivational factors that drive or prevent patients taking action in their health goals.


The behaviour-based model put forward by So What? helped our client gain an in-depth understanding of how to trigger patients to take action. Our client was able to define the touchpoints that were most influential so they knew how to help patients take the first step in visiting their GP. This behaviour-based model also provided the framework for a patient segmentation approach that enabled more targeted communications to different patient groups.