Using design thinking for improved insight generation


Our client’s brand was under competitor threat from in-class agents and wanted to understand how to retain their existing patients and also acquire new ones. One of the areas they did not feel they knew enough about was the type of discussions prescribers had with their patients about their brand, or the exact reasons why prescribers were switching off their brand.


To help with their brand strategy, a number of market research agencies were asked to recommend an innovative methodology that would help our client better understand prescribers’ decision-making process for a specific sub-group of patients. As the winning agency, So What? suggested a multi-module approach of qualitative and quantitative research to address their needs, including some design thinking methodologies such as extreme user interviews.


So What? undertook three modules of research:

1. Client workshop
2. Extreme user interviews (users who are extremely familiar with a product are often able to highlight key issues of the problem and provide insights for improvement) and
3. Real patient record observations.

Improved Insights

This research project helped our client understand how to move forward with the positioning of their brand, particularly with some specific messaging about the benefits of their product with a sub-group of patients. They also gained insight into the precise reasons that prescribers are switching off, or onto, their brand.